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All-Region and All-State Teams

The All-Region and All State programs aim to recognize outstanding cheerleaders across the state.  While All-Region is a recognition only designation, All-State cheerleaders represent their school at the NC East-West All Star games held each July in Greensboro, NC.  These athletes spend 5 days learning cheers, stunts, pyramids, and a competition-caliber routine that is performed at the halftimes of the basketball and football games and at the NCCCA Summer Conference. 

All Region Cheerleader Information

CLICK HERE: All-Region Tryout Information

SKILL REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL APPLICANTS – Video links for the below skills will be available at  Applicants must learn and perform:

  • ALL REGION TRYOUT CHANT (Click HERE for the video)
  • ALL REGION TRYOUT DANCE – (Click HERE for the video)